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A shelf corporation, shelf company, or aged corporation, is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age". The company can then be sold to a person or a group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one.
Common reasons for buying a shelf corporation include:
- To save the time involved in taking the steps to create a new corporation.
- To gain the opportunity to bid in contracts. Some jurisdictions require that a company      be in business for a certain length of time to have this ability.
- To show corporate longevity in order to attract consumers or investors.

- To gain access to corporate credit.

Credit Ready Shelf Corps 

Lenders want to see 2+ years in business before they will even consider your application for financing. You can wait 2+ years or buy one of ours Credit-Ready Aged Corporations and go for financing right now!
Credit-Ready Features
- Certificate of Authority (Summary)​
- Certificate of Good Standing
- Registered Agent Service (Yearly)
- Articles of Organization / Incorporation from the SOS
- Bill of Sale / Invoice

Prices starting at $795